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Build professional native Android apps blazing fast

Android Blaze is a native app template built with a decade of expertise.
Everything you need to launch your app to the Play Store and get thousands of 5 out of 5 ratings.

Get the template

How does it work

1. Setup the project in minutes

Project comes with step-by-step setup instructions

2. Build your app with ease

Heavy wiring & common use–cases done for you. We provide docs and chat support.

3. Launch your app

App template updates included

Launching a new app takes forever

  • Spending hundreds of hours wiring analytics, in-app purchases and onboarding screens and more instead of building the features that makes your app shine.
  • Getting stuck in an infinite loop Googling, Stackoverflowing, asking ChatGPT trying to figure out the solution to your problem.
  • New Android APIs coming out, deprecating the old ones with new Android versions.

All hard work done for you, so that you can make your app shine

  • Android Blaze is powered byFirebase. All your analytics, crash reporting, authentication in one place.
  • Modern UI built using Jetpack Compose Jetpack Compose. Includes ready built screens for use cases such as Authentication, Onboarding, Navigation and provides ready made card based components. No design skills required to get started.
Trouble shooting and support included
We provide access to our private Discord server for troubleshooting and help setting up Android Blaze. There you will find other developers building their own apps.

Save hundreds of $$$ & headaches by not implementing the following features

  • 👫 Authentication & Social Logic
  • 🤝 Onboarding
  • 📊 Analytics
  • 💥 Crash & Error reporting
  • 💕 In-App review
  • 💰 Subscriptions & In-App purchases
  • 🔐 Permissions
  • 🎨 Ready made UI for Authentication, Permissions, onboarding and more

hundreds of hours
and get to market today

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One app
Build one professional Android application using Android Blaze
$ 199
$ 299
  1. ✅ Native Android Template
  2. ✅ Access to Github Repository
  3. ✅ 24/7 Chat Support
  4. All features included
  5. 🔴 Build one app
Unlimited apps
Build unlimited professional Android applications using Android Blaze
$ 849
$ 1049
  1. ✅ Native Android Template
  2. ✅ Access to Github Repository
  3. ✅ 24/7 Chat Support
  4. All features included
  5. ✅ Build unlimited number of apps

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a refund?

Due to the non-returnable nature of digital products, I do not do refunds. Otherwise people would be able to purchase the boilerplate and simply get a refund.

What is the stack used?

Jetpack Compose for the UI, Firebase for the backend and a few usual AndroidX libraries to simplify the work. See the full Stack by clicking here.