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Modifier in Compose Ui



Calls [watcher] with each [MotionEvent] that the layout area or any child [pointerInput] receives. The [MotionEvent] may or may not have been transformed to the local coordinate system. The Compose View will be considered as handling the [MotionEvent] in the area that the [motionEventSpy] is active.

This method can only be used to observe [MotionEvent]s and can not be used to capture an event stream.

[watcher] is called during the [PointerEventPass.Initial] pass.

Developers should use [pointerInput] to handle pointer input processing within Compose. [motionEventSpy] is only useful as part of Android View interoperability.

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dependencies {


fun Modifier.motionEventSpy(watcher: (motionEvent: MotionEvent) -> Unit)