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Modifier in Compose Ui



Add semantics key/value pairs to the layout node, for use in testing, accessibility, etc.

The provided lambda receiver scope provides "key = value"-style setters for any [SemanticsPropertyKey]. Additionally, chaining multiple semantics modifiers is also a supported style.

The resulting semantics produce two [SemanticsNode] trees:

The "unmerged tree" rooted at [SemanticsOwner.unmergedRootSemanticsNode] has one [SemanticsNode] per layout node which has any [SemanticsModifier] on it. This [SemanticsNode] contains all the properties set in all the [SemanticsModifier]s on that node.

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dependencies {


fun Modifier.semantics(
    mergeDescendants: Boolean = false,
    properties: (SemanticsPropertyReceiver.() -> Unit)


mergeDescendantsWhether the semantic information provided by the owning component and its descendants should be treated as one logical entity. Most commonly set on screen-reader-focusable items such as buttons or form fields. In the merged semantics tree, all descendant nodes (except those themselves marked [mergeDescendants]) will disappear from the tree, and their properties will get merged into the parent's configuration (using a merging algorithm that varies based on the type of property -- for example, text properties will get concatenated, separated by commas). In the unmerged semantics tree, the node is simply marked with [SemanticsConfiguration.isMergingSemanticsOfDescendants].
propertiesproperties to add to the semantics. [SemanticsPropertyReceiver] will be provided in the scope to allow access for common properties and its values.