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Modifier in Compose Foundation Layout



Allow the content to measure at its desired width without regard for the incoming measurement [minimum width constraint][Constraints.minWidth], and, if [unbounded] is true, also without regard for the incoming measurement [maximum width constraint][Constraints.maxWidth]. If the content's measured size is smaller than the minimum width constraint, [align] it within that minimum width space. If the content's measured size is larger than the maximum width constraint (only possible when [unbounded] is true), [align] over the maximum width space.

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dependencies {


fun Modifier.wrapContentWidth(
    align: Alignment.Horizontal = Alignment.CenterHorizontally,
    unbounded: Boolean = false

Code Example


fun SimpleWrapContentHorizontallyAlignedModifier() {
    // Here the result will be a 20.dp x 50.dp blue box centered vertically in a 50.dp x 50.dp
    // space. Because of the size modifier, if wrapContentWidth did not exist,
    // the blue rectangle would actually be 50.dp x 50.dp to satisfy the size set by the modifier.
    // However, because we provide wrapContentWidth, the blue rectangle is specified to be wrap
    // content in width - if the desired width is smaller than 50.dp, it will be centered
    // horizontally in this space. Therefore the 50.dp x 20.dp is centered horizontally
    // in the space.