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Modifier in Compose Foundation



Configure component to be focusable via focus system or accessibility "focus" event.

Add this modifier to the element to make it focusable within its bounds.

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dependencies {


fun Modifier.focusable(
    enabled: Boolean = true,
    interactionSource: MutableInteractionSource? = null,


enabledControls the enabled state. When false, element won't participate in the focus
interactionSource[MutableInteractionSource] that will be used to emit [FocusInteraction.Focus] when this element is being focused.

Code Example


fun FocusableSample() {
    // initialize focus reference to be able to request focus programmatically
    val focusRequester = remember { FocusRequester() }
    // MutableInteractionSource to track changes of the component's interactions (like "focused")
    val interactionSource = remember { MutableInteractionSource() }

    // text below will change when we focus it via button click
    val isFocused = interactionSource.collectIsFocusedAsState().value
    val text = if (isFocused) {
        "Focused! tap anywhere to free the focus"
    } else {
        "Bring focus to me by tapping the button below!"
    Column {
        // this Text will change it's text parameter depending on the presence of a focus
            text = text,
            modifier = Modifier
                // add focusRequester modifier before the focusable (or even in the parent)
                .focusable(interactionSource = interactionSource)
        Button(onClick = { focusRequester.requestFocus() }) {
            Text("Bring focus to the text above")