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<a href="" class="external" target="_blank">Material Design outlined icon toggle button</a>.

Icon buttons help people take supplementary actions with a single tap. They’re used when a compact button is required, such as in a toolbar or image list.

!Outlined icon toggle button image(

content should typically be an Icon (see androidx.compose.material.icons.Icons). If using a custom icon, note that the typical size for the internal icon is 24 x 24 dp. This icon button has an overall minimum touch target size of 48 x 48dp, to meet accessibility guidelines.



fun OutlinedIconToggleButton(
    checked: Boolean,
    onCheckedChange: (Boolean) -> Unit,
    modifier: Modifier = Modifier,
    enabled: Boolean = true,
    shape: Shape = IconButtonDefaults.outlinedShape,
    colors: IconToggleButtonColors = IconButtonDefaults.outlinedIconToggleButtonColors(),
    border: BorderStroke? = IconButtonDefaults.outlinedIconToggleButtonBorder(enabled, checked),
    interactionSource: MutableInteractionSource = remember { MutableInteractionSource() },
    content: @Composable () -> Unit


checkedwhether this icon button is toggled on or off
onCheckedChangecalled when this icon button is clicked
modifierthe Modifier to be applied to this icon button
enabledcontrols the enabled state of this icon button. When false, this component will not respond to user input, and it will appear visually disabled and disabled to accessibility services.
shapedefines the shape of this icon button's container and border (when border is not null)
colorsIconToggleButtonColors that will be used to resolve the colors used for this icon button in different states. See IconButtonDefaults.outlinedIconToggleButtonColors.
borderthe border to draw around the container of this icon button. Pass null for no border. See IconButtonDefaults.outlinedIconToggleButtonBorder.
interactionSourcethe MutableInteractionSource representing the stream of Interactions for this icon button. You can create and pass in your own remembered instance to observe Interactions and customize the appearance / behavior of this icon button in different states.
contentthe content of this icon button, typically an Icon
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