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Tools & Resources to build apps faster with Compose Multiplatform

Composables UI

Professionally crafted component examples for Jetpack Compose and Compose Multiplatform. Perfect starting point for your own design system or use as is.

Composables Core

Unstyled, fully accessible Compose Multiplatform UI components that you can customize to your heart's desire.

Material Symbols

Material Symbols converted to Jetpack Compose composables. Add them to your project by clicking the icon you need. Then paste it in your code.

Material Colors

Explore the original Material Color palette converted to Jetpack Compose. Click on a color to add it to your clipboard.

SVG to Compose

Convert your SVG files to Image Vectors and use them straight from Compose.


SVG to Compose

VectorDrawable to SVG

VectorDrawable to Compose

Compose Icons

Material Colors


Android Distribution Chart

Compose GPT

State of Compose 2023

Airdrop for Android