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Update 18 December 2022

This offer is no longer available. Thank you so much to all early supporters. contains short and sweet screencasts for Android Developers. The site contains both courses and lessons. Each lesson is usually 2 min long and it can be part of a course.

They cover various topics of Android development such as Jetpack Compose, testing, architecture, etc. There is a lot of content already on the website and more content is coming in frequent intervals (aiming for weekly releases).

That is the vision I have for this startup. The site already contains a lot of content, but not everything is there yet. For this to become a reality and to continue making such content, I need early adopters to support the project.

I am currently running a special early bird offer for 100offtheannualsubscription(originalprice100 off the annual subscription (original price 250) for the first 50 customers (currently 43 left). Location specific discount is available. This includes access to all lessons and courses (free & paid), and access to future members only features such as download videos for offline viewing.

If this is something that interests you, go to and find the Annual plan and click on Subscribe.