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🚀 The end of Composables Weekly

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Happy Friday 👋 Alex here,

I wanted to reach out to you today about the end of the Composables weekly newsletter, the upcoming changes to the website and the future of Composables.

Stopping the weekly edition of Composables Newsletter

I am stopping the weekly edition of the Composables newsletter. This means that there will be no more weekly editions of the Jetpack Compose newsletter from now on.

There are more than 30 issues since the first Jetpack Compose tutorial on July 21, 2022. Composables Weekly is delivered to over 2.2k developers weekly, with more than 60k page visits to each month.

Even though the newsletter had a great deal of support by the community and sponsors (shoutout to Stream, and I would like to focus on something that I believe is going to be more impactful for the developers in our community.

Focusing on Jetpack Compose components & tools

The main focus of Composables from now on is Jetpack Compose components you can use in your applications.

By visiting you can browse Jetpack Compose components available in androidX libraries such as the Material 3 compose library or the Foundation components.

Other than the androidX components, you can find Composables UI. Composables UI is a library of production-ready premium Jetpack Compose components you can use in your projects. This library is built on top of Material 3 compose. All components adapt to your app's theme and are easily customisable.

I have already updated the landing page of Composables to reflect this change. I am planning of introducing a Jetpack Compose resources section soon, which will feature Jetpack Compose tools and tutorials to make using Jetpack Compose a breeze.

Why is this change needed

About two years ago, I quit my full time job as a software engineer at Apple to figure out how to make a living on my own.

I have always been a creative person and a maker at heart. Even though I enjoy teaching tech to those who are passionate about it, writing software always comes first.

As a solopreneur, the number one thing that has stood out the most after all this time is the need to focus on one thing each time.

Growing a newsletter business and building software at the same time, is like growing two businesses at once. I prefer focusing on one thing at each time, give you the best possible result of it, instead of a meh version of both.

What to expect from now on

  • More PRO components added to Composables UI – I have received a lot of feedback and requested from early adopters, which I am quickly iterating over. Existing customers will have access to past and future components added for free.
  • Improvements to the Jetpack Compose components directory – My goal is to make it dead simple to know what components are available in Jetpack Compose, all in one place.
  • More Jetpack Compose tools – such as the Material Design Icons for Compose section. I am working towards introducing a resource & tools section on the website so that you can find all tools, resources, tutorials, screencasts and content around Jetpack Compose I have created in one place.

You can access all past Jetpack Compose tutorials by clicking here.

I will continue using this mailing lists to notify you about new Jetpack Compose tools I release on the website. There is a chance that there are going to be more Jetpack Compose tutorials coming in the future, but this is not the priority right now.

Hand-picked Jetpack Compose newsletters to subscribe to

The Jetpack Compose community is growing and there are a few Jetpack Compose newsletters you should be subscribed to.

Here are my personal favorite Jetpack Compose newsletters I read and think highly of:

  • sinasamaki's blog – Every now and then Sinasamaki drops a ridiculously high quality Jetpack Compose tutorial and I question how is it possible for someone to be this good at design. Great design skills, great articles, go subscribe before it gets cool.
  • Jorge Castillo's Effective Android – Jorge's newsletter is focusing on the internals and technical parts of Jetpack Compose. Hosts great interviews from recognized developers in our community, too.
  • Mark Murphy's – Subscribing to this newsletter gives you a super power. If something happens to the world of Jetpack Compose you will learn it from here. It is as if Mark has a radar in all things Jetpack Compose and he misses nothing. Interesting Jetpack Compose Stackoverflow questions, Slack discussions, articles, news updates. Mark will keep you in the loop.
  • Android Weekly – High chances are you are an Android dev. This is the newsletter to be subscribed to. It is Android first, but as Jetpack Compose is so hot right now, it is packed with Jetpack Compose articles.
  • Kotlin Weekly – Jetpack Compose is built with Kotlin. Kotlin Weekly is the place to get your weekly dose of new Kotlin content. Worth the read. I've seen multiple features of Compose related technologies such as Compose multiplatform.

Once again, thank you so much for your continuous support. I am excited for the future of Composables and I hope you enjoy what is in store.

Catch you in the next one 👋

– Alex