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🎁🎄 Holiday Offer – Pay what you like on View to Composable


For the rest of 2022, you can purchase your copy of View to Composable for as little of $1.

The original price of the book is $ 100. I wanted to thank you for all your support this year by giving you a Jetpack Compose kick-start for 2023. Happy 2023!

How to get this offer

  1. Click here to go to the offer.
  2. Add a fair price on the price box you will see on the right of the page
  3. Click 'Buy this' to receive your copy:
Offer instructions

View to Composable includes more than 100 code snippets of how to implement UI components in Jetpack Compose. PDF, ePUB, HTML and Web version included with every purchase.

PS: Anyone purchasing the book for more than $ 50 will receive discounts on future Jetpack Compose products. Already purchased the book at a price more than $ 50? You are already included :)

Happy 2023! 🥂

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