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Defines a group of [Path]s and other [Group]s inside a [VectorPainter]. This is not a regular UI composable, it can only be called inside composables called from the content parameter to [rememberVectorPainter].

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dependencies {


fun Group(
    name: String = DefaultGroupName,
    rotation: Float = DefaultRotation,
    pivotX: Float = DefaultPivotX,
    pivotY: Float = DefaultPivotY,
    scaleX: Float = DefaultScaleX,
    scaleY: Float = DefaultScaleY,
    translationX: Float = DefaultTranslationX,
    translationY: Float = DefaultTranslationY,
    clipPathData: List<PathNode> = EmptyPath,
    content: @Composable @VectorComposable () -> Unit


nameOptional name of the group used when describing the vector as a string.
rotationThe rotation of the group around the Z axis, in degrees.
pivotXThe horizontal pivot point used for rotation, in pixels.
pivotYThe vertical pivot point used for rotation, in pixels.
scaleXFactor to scale the group by horizontally.
scaleYFactor to scale the group by vertically.
translationXHorizontal offset of the group, in pixels.
translationYVertical offset of the group, in pixels.
clipPathDataA list of [PathNode]s that define how to clip the group. Empty by default.
contentA composable that defines the contents of the group.