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Intercept all calls to [PlatformTextInputSession.startInputMethod] from below where this composition local is provided with the given [PlatformTextInputInterceptor].

If a different interceptor instance is passed between compositions while a text input session is active, the upstream session will be torn down and restarted with the new interceptor. The downstream session (i.e. the call to [PlatformTextInputSession.startInputMethod]) will not be cancelled and the request will be re-used to pass to the new interceptor.

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dependencies {


fun InterceptPlatformTextInput(
    interceptor: PlatformTextInputInterceptor,
    content: @Composable () -> Unit

Code Examples


fun InterceptPlatformTextInputSample() {
    var text by remember { mutableStateOf("") }

        interceptor = { request, nextHandler ->
            // Create a new request to wrap the incoming one with some custom logic.
            val modifiedRequest = object : PlatformTextInputMethodRequest {
                override fun createInputConnection(outAttributes: EditorInfo): InputConnection {
                    val inputConnection = request.createInputConnection(outAttributes)
                    // After the original request finishes initializing the EditorInfo we can
                    // customize it. If we needed to we could also wrap the InputConnection before
                    // returning it.
                    return inputConnection

                fun updateEditorInfo(outAttributes: EditorInfo) {
                    // Your code here, e.g. set some custom properties.

            // Send our wrapping request to the next handler, which could be the system or another
            // interceptor up the tree.
    ) {
            value = text,
            onValueChange = { text = it }


fun disableSoftKeyboardSample() {
     * A function that disables the soft keyboard for any text field within its content.
     * The keyboard is re-enabled by removing this modifier or passing `disable = false`.
    fun DisableSoftKeyboard(disable: Boolean = true, content: @Composable () -> Unit) {
            interceptor = { request, nextHandler ->
                // If this flag is changed while an input session is active, a new lambda instance
                // that captures the new value will be passed to InterceptPlatformTextInput, which
                // will automatically cancel the session upstream and restart it with this new
                // interceptor.
                if (!disable) {
                    // Forward the request to the system.
                } else {
                    // This function has to return Nothing, and since we don't have any work to do
                    // in this case, we just suspend until cancelled.
            content = content