BasicTooltipBox that wraps a composable with a tooltip.

Tooltip that provides a descriptive message for an anchor. It can be used to call the users attention to the anchor.


This component is available for Compose Desktop

dependencies {


fun BasicTooltipBox(
    positionProvider: PopupPositionProvider,
    tooltip: @Composable () -> Unit,
    state: BasicTooltipState,
    modifier: Modifier,
    focusable: Boolean,
    enableUserInput: Boolean,
    content: @Composable () -> Unit


positionProvider[PopupPositionProvider] that will be used to place the tooltip relative to the anchor content.
tooltipthe composable that will be used to populate the tooltip's content.
statehandles the state of the tooltip's visibility.
modifierthe [Modifier] to be applied to this BasicTooltipBox.
focusable[Boolean] that determines if the tooltip is focusable. When true, the tooltip will consume touch events while it's shown and will have accessibility focus move to the first element of the component. When false, the tooltip won't consume touch events while it's shown but assistive-tech users will need to swipe or drag to get to the first element of the component.
enableUserInput[Boolean] which determines if this BasicTooltipBox will handle long press and mouse hover to trigger the tooltip through the state provided.
contentthe composable that the tooltip will anchor to.
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