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Standard bottom sheets co-exist with the screen’s main UI region and allow for simultaneously viewing and interacting with both regions. They are commonly used to keep a feature or secondary content visible on screen when content in main UI region is frequently scrolled or panned.

Bottom sheet

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dependencies {


fun BottomSheetScaffold(
    sheetContent: @Composable ColumnScope.() -> Unit,
    modifier: Modifier = Modifier,
    scaffoldState: BottomSheetScaffoldState = rememberBottomSheetScaffoldState(),
    sheetPeekHeight: Dp = BottomSheetDefaults.SheetPeekHeight,
    sheetMaxWidth: Dp = BottomSheetDefaults.SheetMaxWidth,
    sheetShape: Shape = BottomSheetDefaults.ExpandedShape,
    sheetContainerColor: Color = BottomSheetDefaults.ContainerColor,
    sheetContentColor: Color = contentColorFor(sheetContainerColor),
    sheetTonalElevation: Dp = 0.dp,
    sheetShadowElevation: Dp = BottomSheetDefaults.Elevation,
    sheetDragHandle: @Composable (() -> Unit)? = { BottomSheetDefaults.DragHandle() },
    sheetSwipeEnabled: Boolean = true,
    topBar: @Composable (() -> Unit)? = null,
    snackbarHost: @Composable (SnackbarHostState) -> Unit = { SnackbarHost(it) },
    containerColor: Color = MaterialTheme.colorScheme.surface,
    contentColor: Color = contentColorFor(containerColor),
    content: @Composable (PaddingValues) -> Unit


sheetContentthe content of the bottom sheet
modifierthe [Modifier] to be applied to this scaffold
scaffoldStatethe state of the bottom sheet scaffold
sheetPeekHeightthe height of the bottom sheet when it is collapsed
sheetMaxWidth[Dp] that defines what the maximum width the sheet will take. Pass in [Dp.Unspecified] for a sheet that spans the entire screen width.
sheetShapethe shape of the bottom sheet
sheetContainerColorthe background color of the bottom sheet
sheetContentColorthe preferred content color provided by the bottom sheet to its children. Defaults to the matching content color for [sheetContainerColor], or if that is not a color from the theme, this will keep the same content color set above the bottom sheet.
sheetTonalElevationwhen [sheetContainerColor] is [ColorScheme.surface], a translucent primary color overlay is applied on top of the container. A higher tonal elevation value will result in a darker color in light theme and lighter color in dark theme. See also: [Surface].
sheetShadowElevationthe shadow elevation of the bottom sheet
sheetDragHandleoptional visual marker to pull the scaffold's bottom sheet
sheetSwipeEnabledwhether the sheet swiping is enabled and should react to the user's input
topBartop app bar of the screen, typically a [SmallTopAppBar]
snackbarHostcomponent to host [Snackbar]s that are pushed to be shown via [SnackbarHostState.showSnackbar], typically a [SnackbarHost]
containerColorthe color used for the background of this scaffold. Use [Color.Transparent] to have no color.
contentColorthe preferred color for content inside this scaffold. Defaults to either the matching content color for [containerColor], or to the current [LocalContentColor] if [containerColor] is not a color from the theme.
contentcontent of the screen. The lambda receives a [PaddingValues] that should be applied to the content root via [Modifier.padding] and [Modifier.consumeWindowInsets] to properly offset top and bottom bars. If using [Modifier.verticalScroll], apply this modifier to the child of the scroll, and not on the scroll itself.

Code Example


fun SimpleBottomSheetScaffoldSample() {
    val scope = rememberCoroutineScope()
    val scaffoldState = rememberBottomSheetScaffoldState()

        scaffoldState = scaffoldState,
        sheetPeekHeight = 128.dp,
        sheetContent = {
            Column(Modifier.fillMaxWidth(), horizontalAlignment = Alignment.CenterHorizontally) {
                Box(Modifier.fillMaxWidth().height(128.dp), contentAlignment = Alignment.Center) {
                    Text("Swipe up to expand sheet")
                Text("Sheet content")
                    modifier = Modifier.padding(bottom = 64.dp),
                    onClick = { scope.launch { scaffoldState.bottomSheetState.partialExpand() } }
                ) {
                    Text("Click to collapse sheet")
    ) { innerPadding ->
            modifier = Modifier.fillMaxSize().padding(innerPadding),
            contentAlignment = Alignment.Center
        ) {
            Text("Scaffold Content")