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The FAB represents the most important action on a screen. It puts key actions within reach.

FAB image

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dependencies {


fun FloatingActionButton(
    onClick: () -> Unit,
    modifier: Modifier = Modifier,
    shape: Shape = FloatingActionButtonDefaults.shape,
    containerColor: Color = FloatingActionButtonDefaults.containerColor,
    contentColor: Color = contentColorFor(containerColor),
    elevation: FloatingActionButtonElevation = FloatingActionButtonDefaults.elevation(),
    interactionSource: MutableInteractionSource? = null,
    content: @Composable () -> Unit,


onClickcalled when this FAB is clicked
modifierthe [Modifier] to be applied to this FAB
shapedefines the shape of this FAB's container and shadow (when using [elevation])
containerColorthe color used for the background of this FAB. Use [Color.Transparent] to have no color.
contentColorthe preferred color for content inside this FAB. Defaults to either the matching content color for [containerColor], or to the current [LocalContentColor] if [containerColor] is not a color from the theme.
elevation[FloatingActionButtonElevation] used to resolve the elevation for this FAB in different states. This controls the size of the shadow below the FAB. Additionally, when the container color is [ColorScheme.surface], this controls the amount of primary color applied as an overlay. See also: [Surface].
interactionSourcean optional hoisted [MutableInteractionSource] for observing and emitting [Interaction]s for this FAB. You can use this to change the FAB's appearance or preview the FAB in different states. Note that if null is provided, interactions will still happen internally.
contentthe content of this FAB, typically an [Icon]

Code Example


fun FloatingActionButtonSample() {
        onClick = { /* do something */ },
    ) {
        Icon(Icons.Filled.Add, "Localized description")